Through the lens of a Lifestyle Photography shoot

lifestyle photography imageLifestyle photography has been around for a long time and there is more to it than just taking candid shots; it’s about creating a story, showing personality, recreating reality and giving a sense of feeling. Mac Studios has a huge amount of experience in this area of photography, and we wanted to give you a little insight into what happens behind the lens and taking the perfect lifestyle shot.

  • Be a step ahead of the shot – Mac Studios always anticipate what goings to happen before it happens; the perfect shot can only a matter of seconds so we are always prepared to capture every moment.
  • The before & after – We always capture the moments before and after the intended shot, the whole sequence tells the story and we often find we find our preferred image this way.
  • Natural – Mac Studios photographers know the importance of keeping shots as natural as possible, so this means not disturbing what is naturally unfolding in a shot. If the angle isn’t correct, or light is not right we always reposition ourselves rather than the subject in shot; this keeps everything natural and untouched.
  • Mood builders – Mac Studios knows that even though a lifestyle shot is telling a story it isn’t always easy for the models to get in to that character or feeling. Therefore we always do what we can to help build the perfect environment, by constantly talking, advising and encouraging.
  • Getting up close – Mac Studios believe the finest details make a perfect lifestyle shot, so we always get up close to our subjects, we capture little details to help unfold the story.
  • Surroundings – Just like the finer details, capturing the environment of the shot us equally important, incorporating the surroundings into the shot helps tell the story, adds feeling and depth.
  • Props – Lifestyle photography is different from normal posing shots; by adding props Mac Studios can help the models come out of their shells and show their personality through the lens, adding true reality to the shot.

Mac Studios can help you capture reality! 

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