Mac Studios and Posing Tips

Below is a short list of posing techniques put together by Mac Studios experts:strike a pose image mac studios

  • Capturing a natural pose on camera is done through normal breathing, making sure not to hold your breath.
  • Asymmetrical posing is best and translates well on camera. This can be achieved by placing one arm straight at your side while the other is slightly bent and putting your hand in a different place.
  • Changing up head poses and eye direction works well. Always looking straight at the camera limits photo variety.
  • It’s equally as important to concentrate on your body when posing sitting down. To stop certain areas from looking bigger, avoid distributing your weight evenly. Putting your weight on the back of one thigh makes for a more attractive photo.
  • While smiling can translate beautifully on camera, it lacks variety and creativity. Fluid posing mixed with a range of facial expressions is appreciated by photographers. It’s about experimentation and finding what works best for you.
Practice and persevere!