Mac Studios – Posing tips for Males

male posing tips mac studiosHaving worked with a wide variety of male and female clients ranging in age, size and look, Mac Studios knows that every shoot is as unique as the individual. We strive to identify every client’s most comfortable poses and best features through specialised techniques. Below are basic posing tips for male models put together by Mac Studios Experts:

  • To highlight male attributes and enhance masculinity in an image, men are advised to pose with their bodies square to the camera, accentuating their broad shoulders and chest, and stand with thighs half-open.
  • When posing, weight distribution should be done on either or both legs.
  • Avoid appearing feminine by titling your head to your lower shoulder instead of your higher one.
  • Add depth to facial features by dropping your chin.
  • Understand the difference between male and female poses. It’s popular for men to pose with hands in fists, with thumbs placed in front pocks or across the chest, with hands on forearms and with thumbs tucked under each arm. Mac Studios also suggests posing with the fingers flat in back pockets and thumbs on the outside of pockets. Posing with hands crossed just below the belt or with the arms and hands dropping straight from the shoulder is unflattering and does not translate well on camera.
  • Looking directly at the camera creates an unnatural looking photo. Practise following the direction of your nose with your eyes or looking slightly away from the camera.
  • Whether you’re standing or sitting down, be conscious of keeping your back straight.

The Mac Fashion Studios Team always directs the client during shoots. We will advise you on poses and great techniques to capture the perfect shot.