Mac Studios – Posing tips for Females

female posing tips mac studiosThe exceptional team at Mac Studios implement their many years of experience in achieving the perfect photo. To support a wide range of clients, Mac Studios acknowledges an individual’s strengths and uses these to highlight their best features and bring out their strongest poses. Below are basic posing tips for female models put together by Mac Studios Experts:

  • Practice posing in your mirror at home. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with how your look translates on camera and what the photographer sees.
  • To capture your body’s most flattering angles, create separation between your limbs and avoid closeness or pressing anything down.
  • Be conscious of how your body is posed at all times. Take note of lighting to refrain from casting shadows by a poorly placed limb. Though shadowing is a common element of photography, it should only be done when instructed by the photographer.
  • The direction of your eyes plays a major role in a shot. To keep your eyes central and avoid any crossing or misdirection, Mac Studios encourages following the direction of your nose. To ensure a natural shot, it’s important to avoid looking directly at the camera. Communicate emotion by half squinting; squinting with your bottom eyelid translates as a smile.
  • Elongating your neck aids in height and poise.
  • To achieve good posture, your shoulders should be back while keeping your back straight and stomach in.
  • Loosening your hands will translate effectively on camera; tense hands look unnatural.

The experienced team at Mac Studios has worked closely with many female models from all different backgrounds to create an ideal image. Possessing in-depth industry knowledge allows our team to successfully help clients capture their dream photos.