Mac Studios – Portrait Photography

portrait photography image mac studiosA traditional sector of in the art of photography is portrait photography. Capturing the subject’s facial features and expressions close up allows for an effective photo. Portrait photography is one of the many forms of photography Mac Studios has vast experience and knowledge in. Our in-house photographers are well-versed in guiding models through portrait shots by instructing subjects on which poses to incorporate and how to emphasise their features most effectively. At Mac Studios, 4 different approaches to portrait photography are utilised:

  1. Constructionist – We set the scene by creating an appropriate ambience for the photo.
  2. Candid – This type is best for capturing more natural images by catching the subject unaware.
  3. Environmental – Mac Studios photographers aim to create a specific look by setting a background relevant to the model.
  4. Creative – Digital manipulation is used to boost the photo

Head shots are a common requirement within a model’s portfolio and are done using portrait photography.