Mac Studios – Modelling Photo Shoots

modelling photo shoots mac studiosAt Mac Studios, our dynamic team of industry experts recognises what it takes to achieve a successful photo shoot. Below are some basic guidelines to help you better understand the expectations of models during photo shoots:


Adhering to the scheduled time slot of a photo shoot is of utmost importance in modelling. It conveys respect to the photographers and other clients who do not want to wait longer than needed. Tardiness wastes time and money.


Attending to your own safety at all times is a high priority. Be sure to give details of shoot locations and relevant contact numbers to someone before attending a shoot.


Models should never be made to feel uncomfortable during a shoot. For the sake of your own well-being and the fact that discomfort easily reflects in photos, never feel pressured to do something that makes you uneasy.

Signed released

To use your images freely, always get a photo release signed.


To look fresh and feel energised for a photo shoot, maintain a healthy lifestyle and get adequate rest. Whether it’s a long or short shoot, you’ll need all the energy you can get.


Regardless of whether you’re just staring out or are already an accomplished model, it’s imperative to uphold high standards of professionalism. When it comes to the modelling industry, reputation speaks volumes. Exhibiting a professional attitude impresses clients and photographers and increases the chance of future work.


When it comes to modelling, portfolios are essential. Just as you would with a CV, continue updating your portfolio. Mac Studios highly recommends investing in one that’s of high-quality.


Communication on a shoot is key to successfully achieving the vision of your photographer or employer. Listen carefully to direction and ask questions if there’s something you’re unsure of. This shows your willingness to learn.