Jewellery modelling is a fun genre of modelling to be and its also equally great fun for the Photographer as you get to capture beauty in a range of lights and and angles. Mac Studios has photographed some of the finest jewellery in the world.

This area of modelling doesn’t take a certain look or ability, you use your limbs such arms, ears and neck to model the jewellery piece, you are the prop the helps the product stand out and do all the talking. Models would get work for shopping channels, catalogues, TV adverts, advertisements and magazine features. You would need to maintain good skin care as there will be a lot of close ups so every flaw gets picked up and your hair needs to shine to add glamour to the photo.

Mac Studios has a lot of experience in taking photos of fine, luxury jewellery and with our state of the art lighting & equipment we can make any jewellery sparkle and stand out.