TV & Film Modelling

New York Fashion has worked with hundreds of models who want to break into the world of TV & Film. We help to create head shots and high-quality portfolios to give hopefuls the best chance of success within the industry.


Strike a Pose

Never hold your breath while posing it translates on camera that you're tense and looks unrealistic, maintain a natural pose. Make sure you limbs are asymmetrical, for example if one arm is straight and by your side, make the other slightly bent and place hand in different place.

Modelling Photo Shoots

Mac Studios has years of experience and a team full of industry experts, so we know what makes a good photo shoot. Here is some basic advice...

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most common forms of photography. It is the art of capturing a subject close up; it makes their face, facial features and expression more predominant.

Mac Fashion Posing tips for Females

Mac Studios has years of experience behind them and we know what it takes to create the perfect photo. All our clients are diverse so we work closely with them to bring out their best poses and highlight their strengths.

Mac Fashion Posing tips for Males

Mac Studios has worked with many clients, male & female who are all different ages, sizes and looks. We know that every shoot is different and you have to work with the client to find their most comfortable poses,using techniques that bring out their best.

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